To develop new domains of managerial thought and education and contributing to the process of building leaders in today’s global business environment.


The mission of VISB is to equip students with skills and application based practical business management knowledge. VISB believes management is not something to be taught but an attitude so, inculcation of analytical skills and development of capacity to lead domestic and global organizations is the priority. The academic environment at VISB helps in exploring the potential of each student to the fullest.


The program at VISB aims to mould students into competent value – driven human beings with a strong grounding in management principles.  The course aims at imparting holistic education incorporating ethics, good governance and social responsibility to develop:-

  • Global vision and understanding.
  • Awareness about the socio-economic environment, both domestic & international and its implications for businesses.
  • To hone analytical and problem solving skills using modern day managerial tools to enhance decision making capabilities.
  • Interpersonal and multi cultural teamwork competencies.
  • Communication and presentation competencies.
  • An attitude of ethical and legal non-controversial business practices.