In today’s highly competitive business environment one needs the attitude, confidence and  determination to succeed. Job Skill Module (JSM) will help students to master the capabilities  demanded in professional career as well as at personal front. Students will learn to strengthen  interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. By  learning to build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses Students can develop the kind of winning  attitude that all successful people have. JSM will give students the skills they need to live up to full  potential and reach their goals. The module is specifically focused for Management students and  equips them with the right blend of knowledge and skills which helps them to excel further in  corporate as well as personal life. The module is spread over a 4 even semesters with a total of 160  Hours.

  • To bridge the gap that exists in between Industry expectations and our budding managers.
  • To minimize stage fear and build up student’s confidence.
  • To prepare students for placement process and make them ready for job opportunities.
  • To introduce recent industry development to our students.
  • To enable them to crack competitive exams.
  • To inculcate problem solving skills.

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