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vasuI vasu gambhir student at Vidya Knowledge Park (VKP) got selected in four companies out of which I plan to join Croissant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Thankful to Corporate Connect & Placement (CCP) department of VKP for giving me real support and learning for becoming a successful future manager. I also extend my gratitude to the institute for bringing renowned corporate at college campus and providing me the pool of opportunities.

sunnyI Sunny Rastogi student at VKP second year got selected in two companies out of which I plan to join EASY POLICY.COM. I extend heartiest thanks to VKP for taking me where I am today and thankful to CCP, VKP. Thanks for all your efforts.

kucchalI Sarvanshi Kuchhal student at VKP second year bagged three placement offers and among all I plan to join HDFC Bank Ltd. I am thankful to VKP from the core of my heart for not only for offering a large variety of placements opportunities, but for also looking for a suitable job for students as per their specialization.

ApoorvaI am Apoorva Saxena student at VKP second year got selected in LOGIN AT SOLUTION PVT LIMITED. I am thankful to the CCP department that in such a tough competitive time, where the job vacancy is less and candidates applying for same are many times more in number, it has provided me with such a good opportunity to start my career. I am thankful to every person of VKP who showed me the path to get myself placed.

sakshiI Sakshi Kansal student of VKP selected in HDFC BANK and LOGIN AT SOLUTION PVT LIMITED. I wish to thank VKP and its faculty for turning our dreams into reality. I am thankful to CCP for providing me an opportunity where I could start my career. At VKP provides its student perfect environment to learn and also get an opportunity to build their career. Thanks a lot to Vidya School of Business.




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